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At The Heart Knot, my necklaces are hand-crafted with the utmost care and, thus, should be treated in the same manner.  A blue, velvet bag is given to each customer upon purchase and all pieces should be kept in the bag SEPARATE from all other jewelry. Heart Knots and Pendants are subject to breaking, as they are NOT made of metal. 



Our chains and beaded necklaces are delicate and should be treated with utmost care. Do not pull or tug on chains or beaded necklaces.  Please see below for our repair fee schedule.




All repairs are free within 60 days of purchase.  Anything after this will be subject to a fee.




The Heart Knots and each pendant are hand-sewn and hand-made by Mary Kent Hearon.  Hand-made items do not last a lifetime due to wear and tear and are thus subject to breakage and/or loss.  Customers will practice honesty when coming forth to inquire about repairs and each repair will be assessed on an individual basis.


Repair fee will be issued upon viewing the jewelry.


If your HEART KNOT needs repairing, a FREE repair will fall under the following category within 120 days of purchase:


1) Breakage due to hardware of clasp


2) Hand-sewn area has frayed or come un-sewn


Anything that does not fall under the above statements and occurs after 120 days, will incur a charge.  Each assessement will be made on an individual basis.




All PENDANTS are made from a type of clay that is not 100% durable.  Unlike ceramic pottery, which will shatter when dropped, polymer clay does stand a better chance of withstanding a fall.  However, it is not a metal and can break.  


A FREE repair is available within 120 days of purchase.


A repair fee of $40 will be applied to replacing your pendant and/or necklace AFTER 120 days:


1) You drop your gold, silver, or taupe pendant and it cracks or breaks.


2) If your child pulls your pendant off your necklace and it break.


Many times the pendants can be repaired.  If I find that the pendant can not be repaired and it is AFTER 120 days, buyer is eligible to purchase a new pendant at a 20% discounted price.




This piece is by far my most fragile. I tell my customers to avoid lifting children, doing housework, or anything that might cause the pendant to hit a hard object.  This piece is really for cocktail, date night, and fancy dress!  Handle With Care!




The Heart Knot is NOT responsible for lost jewelry by the buyer.  If your pendant or bracelet is subject to LOSS or THEFT,your pendant must be purchased at full price. If you have an earring, The Heart Knot will  replace another earring at half the price.  Please inquire at .  




Please use caution when applying hairsprays, lotions, and perfumes when wearing  The Heart Knot. These items may cause the metal to tarnish.  Also, please keep your clay pendants away from water.  I have had customers who keep them in a dish by the sink. This is a NO NO.



When cleaning 14K GOLD & STERLING SILVER it is always best to leave the job to a professional, as many home cleaning methods may cause damage.  Our Sterling Silver pieces may be cleaned using silver polish, but a professional will always do a deeper cleaning.  Feel free to contact Mary Kent Hearon at 803-348-5709 if you need to clean your piece or your clay pieces need any enhancing.



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